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Week 11

Double Trouble! 

The children have been learning about doubles this week in maths. We have been learning that each double is made from two equal parts. For example, 4 is a double because 2 is a part and 2 is part. The children have been showing different doubles by using their fingers... 

Forest School Fun!

The children have really enjoyed exploring forest school this week. We went to search for birds that we might find in our local environment and were very excited to see two pigeons in forest school! We also spoke about what we already know about birds: 

  • Some birds migrate 
  • There are some birds that cannot fly such as an ostrich 
  • Birds have eat worms, seeds and berries 

Being Creative!

The children have really enjoyed making Daffodils this week, They showed great perseverance when using a range of different tools and techniques to make their creation. They were also learning the different parts of a Daffodil and loved finding out that the middle of the flower is called the trumpet! 


This week we have been reading... 

The children have enjoyed reading 'The Koala who could' by Rachel Bright and Jim Field. We spoke about the importance of trying new things, even when sometimes you don't want to and learnt some cool Koala facts!


Have a great weekend!


Mr Bartle and the RB team