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Yr 1 week 4

We know it's hard to write a story especially on a Friday!! Please do not feel you have to complete the whole story, do what is best for you today. Thank you for all of your support- you are doing an amazing job! 

Morning greeting Friday 29th January

Handwriting Friday 29th January

Phonics Friday 29th January

Literacy Friday 29th January

Big Maths 90 second timer

Year 1 Storytime Friday 29th January

Morning greeting Thursday 28th January

Handwriting Thursday 28th January

Literacy Thursday 28th January

Science Thursday 28th January

Morning greeting Wednesday 27th January

Handwriting Wednesday 27th January

Phonics Wednesday 27th January

Maths Wednesday 27th January


Hello! We are aware that the videos for today's literacy lesson might be too large to send via email. (Thank you to those parents that have let us know!) Please follow the instructions (separate document) to send your videos to us via 'we transfer'. We are really looking forward to watching them! smiley


If you are finding it tricky to email the videos then please do not worry! Just let us know in your emails that you have completed today's task. The most important thing is that the children had fun retelling the story! Please ask if you have any questions!  

How to send your literacy video via we transfer

Year 1 Morning greeting Tuesday 26th January

Year 1 Handwriting Tuesday 26th January

Year 1 Literacy Tuesday 26th January

Year 1 Maths Tuesday 26th January

Morning greeting 25th January

Handwriting Monday 25th January

Phonics Monday 25th January

Literacy Monday 25th January

Science Monday 25th January