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School development



3 Year Strategic Plan

September 2021 – July 2024

Our vision:

At Chawson 1st School we all share a united vision, that all of our children will develop into independent, articulate and aspirational children.



COVID-19 school closures have had a profound effect on all children nationally. We aim to support children to catch up and reach the highest possible standards.



  • When they leave us, our children will be ready for the next stage of their education and results across the school will compare favorably to national outcomes. All staff are aspirational for our children.
  • All children, regardless of ability, will realise our vision and develop into independent, articulate and aspirational children.
  • Teaching across the school is consistently good or better. This is founded on a culture of continual professional development. Professional development opportunities are rich and support a depth of understanding.
  • Staff development supports all staff to become experts in their craft. Professional curiosity, action research and autonomy are actively promoted.
  • The school continues to be community focused; seeking active partnerships with parents.



Overall Aims









Our children are independent learners. They can organise themselves, their thinking and use this to improve outcomes across the curriculum.



Our children are confident, articulate speakers in a range of contexts and for a range of purposes. High levels of oracy support cognition and improve outcomes across the curriculum.



Our children are exposed to multiple real life experiences and a frequent, broad examples of what the world has to offer. They understand how their education at Chawson links to this and are aspirational for their future.



Our curriculum is broad, balanced and engaging. It meets the needs of our children and so supports excellent academic outcomes. Our Curriculum serves our school vision.



Leadership of the curriculum is strong at all levels. Curriculum leaders are experts in their fields. They hold accurate evaluations and bring about improvements in teaching & learning, and pupil outcomes.



Our assessment system provides quality and timely information to teachers and leaders at all levels about the learning of our pupils. It underpins school improvement without being unduly burdensome.