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Alternative Activities

Learning at home can be hard, please see the ideas below as alternatives- 

  • Daily reading
  • TT Rockstars/Numbots


Use the Once upon a picture website to find a picture to talk and write about. You could-

  • Imagine you are there
  • Think about what can you see, hear, smell, taste.
  • Write lists of nouns and adjective
  • Put these words into sentences
  • Plan a story in the setting
  • Write a story about that setting 

There are lots of create stories available on YouTube but don't forget, we have our very own Chawson tube with stories read by our very own teachers.


After listening to one of these stories you could- 

  • Write about one of the characters
  • Write a thank you letter to the teacher
  • Write a review of the book
  • Story map the story- write a sentence to describe the beginning, middle and end.