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Week 3

Penguins, penguins and bikes!

Another fabulous week. We had a fantastic Forest School session discussing how people used fires in the past and what we would like to cook on our own campfire. The children braved the rain to ride their bikes and we've had lots of fun outside.



Look who arrived in our school...

This week we were given the challenge of working out where this lost penguin had come from. We found out that it is an Emperor penguin and they come from Antarctica which is where you can find the South Pole.


Still image for this video

Historical artefacts

We were given these objects and had to try and work out what they were. We thought about what we knew - such as what they were made from. We asked questions about them - such as how is the string attached and then we wrote down what we thought they were. Can you guess?

I want to ride my bicycle...

The children truly wowed me again this week with their bike riding skills. The children are really gaining confidence in riding the balance bikes developing all the skills that they need to ride a pedal bike (without stabilisers) such as pushing, balancing, steering and looking where they are going. As soon as the children are ready our wonderful instructor Jayne supports them in having a go on a bike with pedals.

Fun outside

We had lots of fun outside this week. Making obstacle courses, riding our trikes to different shops that we drew on the floor such as bakery, Sainsburys and McDonalds. Then we made the take away order from the sand!

Frozen Planet

This week we used finger torches to write our digraph ar - March in the dark. We have drawn and painted penguins using watercolours and poster paints and played with the polar bears.


This week we learnt 4 new sounds

Have a wonderful weekend.

Thank you for your support and reading all about the things we have done this week.


Mrs Rudkin and the fantastic RR team