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Week 2

What a wonderful week!

The children are really settling back into the routine and are enjoying the new layout of the classroom. The children are enjoying exploring and playing with different things and in different ways. 

Unfortunately the wind prevented us from going into Forest School and looking at the blossom and changes in Forest School but we are hoping to return next week.

PE - throwing and ball skills

Todays lesson was all about the wind moving things, we thought about flying a kite and the wind moving our balls along the ground.


Although the wind prevented us from entering Forest School we were able to look at blossom and paint it instead.

Wonderful writing

This week the children have been creating sentences on their whiteboards and also completing some independent writing which has been wonderful to see.

Free the peas!

The Evil Peas (from Supertato) have been trapped in the ice. Can you use you super finger strength to free them using the pipettes?

What can you make with potatoes?

We all loved this lesson. First we found out how potatoes grow and looked at a potato plant that Mrs Grant from RBS had brought in. Then we thought of all the things that we could make with potatoes such as jackets mash, crisps and chips...then we made our own chips!


Mrs Rudkin chopped the potatoes into "long rectangle shapes"

Then we popped them in a bowl of water for half an hour

Drained the water and patted them dry

Put them in a bag and rubbed oil on them

Baked them in a hot oven

Ate them - delicious!

Pictures in provision

What did you do today?

Awards of the week

Enjoy the sun...

I hope it lasts. As I write this on Saturday morning the sun definitely has it hat on and I hope it stays for the rest of the weekend! I hope you all get to enjoy it - I'm hoping to get out on my bicycle later today - how is everyone getting on with riding at home?


Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Rudkin and the amazing RR team