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Week 4

Welcome to May!

The children have been embracing our topic 'Grow the Story' this term by getting to know some minibeasts that help our plants to grow. This week we started to look at bees and really enjoyed watching close up videos of bees transforming form eggs to fully grown bees.

We have been creating playdough bees and painting them too.

Jack and the Beanstalk

Our story for the next few weeks is a retelling of the folk story Jack and the Beanstalk. We have been enjoying retelling the story to our friends and planted our own beanstalks - I hope none of them grow as tall as Jacks over the weekend!

Number bonds to 10

This week the children have been using our double sided counters to create number sentences - fabulous!

Throwing...and catching!

This week in PE we have been learning to throw and catch. The children were amazing at following the instructions and catching the ball when in its magic spot.



We're going on a...tree hunt

After missing out on Forest School for the last few weeks due to rain, high winds, more rain it was wonderful to be outside again. We decided to start by going around the filed to look at all the new trees that have been planted and see how they are growing. We looked at the leaves and noticed that all the deciduous trees have unfurled their leaves from the tiny buds we saw only a month ago. 

Friday celebration class assembly

This weeks winners for the 15 reads certificates. Independent, Articulate and Aspirational awards and our April book token winner - picked from the pot from all the children who have read 15 times in a month.

Have a wonderful long weekend

As I write this on Saturday morning the sun is steaming in through the window and I hope that it last all weekend. Have a wonderful few days off and I'll see you all on Tuesday.

Thank you to my amazing team who did such an amazing job this week while I was unwell.


Mrs Rudkin and the Awesome RR Team