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Week 3

Growing seeds and our knowledge

This week we have been looking at how plants grow from seeds. We went outside to prepare our veg patch for the new seeds. Removing the weeds and the the overgrown grass to reveal the paths. The children did a fantastic job. We are looking forward to watching our plants grow and hopefully getting to taste them too.

Printing with veg!

We have been exploring what is inside our vegetables and printing shapes and patterns with them. We really enjoyed doing this.

History of Music

This week we have been looking at how people listening to music in the past up to the present. We watched a gramaphone being played and got to touch the record. Then we tuned in a radio. Played a record from the 1960's - which we all loved! Listened to some tapes from the 80's and 90's - New Kids on the Block and Kylie. Before listening to a Compact Disc and then Spotify on a mobile device. 

Amazing obstacle courses

This week the children made two amazing obstacle courses. They had so much fun challenging themselves to go over, under and balance. 



Tidy up time!

This week we have been challenging ourselves to tidy up a little faster. Each time the classroom was tidy before the 5 minute timer ended we were able to win a marble for the prize jar and this week they got enough for a treat! This week it was playing with the bubble machine bubbles!

This week's awards

This week 3 children achieved their regular reader award - well done.

Mrs Cossum-Lawley our wonderful lunchtime supervisor awarded her special lunch certificate

This week's independent, articulate and aspirational winners

Wonderful Weekend

As always I hope you have a wonderful weekend. If you have time this weekend or during the week please can you listen to your child read this weeks words and sentences or support them to read their tricky words - whichever has come home in the bookbag this week. They have all worked incredibly hard on their phonics this week and I'm sure they would love to share with you.


Mrs Rudkin and the astonishing RR team