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Week 1

The children have settled back into Pre-school following the Easter break beautifully. They have enjoyed seeing their friends and exploring some of our new areas outside we have created for them. 


We start our new topic 'Amazing Animals'. This started off with us focusing on Farm animals and being introduced to the story 'Oh Dear' by Rod Campbell. The children have enjoyed learning about where eggs come from and how important animals and farms are to provide food for us. We even had a food tasting session, looking at how many ways we can cook an egg. This time, we all had a taste of scrambled egg-yummy!


Before Easter we made our 'bug hotels' in hopes of finding some new minibeasts who have come to visit. We keep searching everyday with our magnifiers to find something living there everyday. 


We all look forward to continuing our learning as we explore more farm animals, pets and finally animals on safari.