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Week 2

Week 2


This week was the first time some of our children stayed for a full day at pre-school. The children found their own lunch boxes, sat beautifully with other children, even learning to wait until everyone was seated before delving into their lunches.


All of the pre-schoolers are learning to play alongside other children, make relationships with the adults in pre-school and explore new resources to play with. The children are even learning how to tidy away at the end of a session. Having a sticker to reward their efforts helps too!


Following listening to a story about a rainbow fairy, the children were keen to sing the song ‘I can sing a rainbow’ as well as pointing to the different colours in the story book. Mrs Bartle then decided to show the children how to make a rainbow using the paint sticks, as the children were so interested during the carpet session. This lead to some fantastic efforts from the children making their own rainbows, which have now been displayed for all to see in pre-school.


Starting next week, we will be learning all about our pre-schoolers and what makes them special. We will read ‘My Mum & Dad Make Me Laugh, to prompt conversations about colours, patterns and who lives with them in their homes.