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Week 2

Farming, Forest School and flowers

What a fabulous week! The children have been working hard on their new topic and have really wowed me with their writing. This week they were tasked with filling in the missing sounds on the farm labels - they had to sound talk, find the diagraphs and single sounds on their sound mats and then write them in. We have also looked at name writing this week to make sure everyone can write their name with the correct formation. We will be working on this over the next few weeks.

Amazing writing

Forest School

This week we went on a walk to look for signs of change and found lots of new leaves sprouting from the trees. The children then made some brilliant slides from planks which were great fun to slide down.


This week we have been learning all about farm tool and machinery from the past and present as part of the area Understanding the World. The children discussed how farming has changed from the use of horses and lots of people to fewer people and bigger machines.

We played with farm animals building pens and loved the cereal fields. We have printed using farm vehicles.

Fabulous flowers

The children really enjoyed Mrs Rushton's lesson this week where the children learnt all the parts of a flower and then had a go at drawing their own ready to paint next week.

Terrific towers and rainbow fun

Look at these amazing buildings. We have some new rainbow puzzles which the children have really loved using as tunnels, used them to balance on top of each other and as a new outfit!

The children had another successful week balancing and riding. It is wonderful to hear the lovely stories of children riding their bikes at home too - keep up the good work. Just stabilisers. We have 2 more weeks of lessons with the amazing Jayne - it has flown too quickly.


Have a wonderful weekend

Mrs Rudkin and the terrific RR team