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Eco team

The Eco Team have create their new Chawson Eco Code!

The eco team have packaged up another 12.3 kg of used writing instruments to send off to Terracycle for recycling. This means we as a school have recycled 78.9Kg of pens and stopped them going to landfill. 

Truly amazing. Well done all. 

March 2023 Eco Team meeting minutes

Another batch of pens, weighing  some 18.2kg, are being sent off for recycling instead of going to a landfill site.

Well done to the Eco Team and all Chawson children for taking this initiative on board.

If you have any old pens at home please feel free to bring them in for recycling.

The box is located outside of the office.

We would like to introduce you to our 2021.2022 Eco Team-

The eco team have been busy boxing up the old, empty pens ( 24.4 kg of them to be exact) to be sent off to Terracycle for recycling. 

Thank you to the team. They are a credit to the school.

The Eco Team at our school meet at least once every half term to decide which eco activities shall be undertaken within the school. The minutes of each meeting are recorded and place on the Eco board for the whole school to see. We are delighted to have achieved the Eco Schools Bronze Award this year.


Please let Mrs Roberts know if you have any

ideas for our Eco Team during the year.