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E-safety at Chawson First School            

At Chawson, we believe that the effective use of technology and the internet is an integral part of children’s lives. It not only provides the children with so many educational opportunities but also provides them with the access to essential skills for our rapidly developing and technological enhanced lives.

Whether the children are using the computers at school, a laptop at home, a smartphone or games console, children are able to access the internet in an increasing number of ways.

As part of our curriculum and development of skills, we provide supervised access to the Internet and all of the relevant resources which that may include. As we would protect the children in the ‘real world’, we need to make sure they are completely safe whatever they are doing. Pupils are taught how to use the internet safely and responsibly and to use it in line with our school Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

Online safety skills are lifelong skills and if we can get children to understand the risks and to make sensible and well informed choices when online then they will get the most from the internet, whilst staying safe.


Please look at our E-safety page in the pupils section for more information about our E-safety team and resources for children. 



The slideshow below gives an idea of the ways children can be kept safe at home too. Scroll down to access helpful parental guidance, posters on gaming and social media and useful websites to support further.