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Year 3 week 2

Congratulations to........


3C who are our very first TT Rockstar Slam winners!

But, it was a very close battle between 3C and 3H.

3C - 25,739

3H - 24,799

3K - 4,184


Huge congratulations to Logan M (3H) who scored an absolutely phenomenal 11,594 points!

Ruby (3C) stayed in the top 3 all week, with a total of 6,554 and Beanda (3C)  was in third place with 6,150.


Well done to everyone who took part in the first of many Year 3 battles!

Y3 Good Morning! 5th March 2021

What are the scores on the doors in our TT Rockstars battle? Could there be a twist in the tale?
Have 3C been knocked off the top spot?!

Don't forget you have until 3:15pm when the winners will be announced!

Art Y3 5th March 2021

Y3 Maths 5th March 2021

Little Red Riding Hood and The Wolf

Y3 Literacy 5th March 2021

Yet more fantastic World Book Day pics.

How fabulous does Alice (3H) look as Tiffany Aching from Terry Pratchett's 'Discworld'? We love discovering new books from different authors!

Y3 Good Morning 4.3.21

Well done RUBY in 3C who is still top of our TT Rockstar leaderboard!! She is really helping 3C stay ahead of the game. 3K and 3H, you have a bit to do in order to catch up 3C, but you can do it!!
Well done also to Logaan M in 3H and Beanda in 3C who are in 2nd and 3rd place.
Don't forget, you have until 3:15pm on Friday.

There are lots of World Book Day activities for you to try today.
There is a Book Menu below, so you can try out lots of different book 'dishes'.
Have you looked at our Facebook page to try and work out who the Masked Reader is?
And don't forget we would love to see lots of pictures of you today enjoying reading, crafting and dressing up, all in order to highlight our love of reading.

RE 4.3.21

Maths 4.3.21

Multiplying teen numbers by a 1-digit number

Literacy 4.3.21

Recognising direct speech

Good Morning Y3 3rd March 2021

Huge shout out to
Ruby 3C
Leo 3H
Chantelle 3K
who are the top three players in our TT Rockstars Battle so far.
3C are currently top of the leaderboard overall, with 3H in 2nd place and 3K in 3rd.

Wednesday PE

Still image for this video
You will not need any equipment for today's PE lesson, but make sure you that you have a big enough space so that you don't break anything valuable!

Maths Worksheet 3.3.21

Maths 3.3.21

Literacy Worksheet 3.3.21

Literacy 3.3.21

Thank you 3C!

Which class will win the battle and end the week on top?

Morning Greeting 2.3.21

Are you ready for a TT Rockstars Band Battle?! Find out all about it in today's morning greeting!
If you need reminding of your username/password, ask your teacher and they can send it to you.

Maths 2.3.21

Literacy 2.3.21

What are fronted adverbials and how do we use them in a sentence?

Homophone Code Breaker

Monday Morning Greeting 1.3.21

Arthropods: Blue Crab Molting

A blue crab struggles as its sheds its exoskeleton, leaving itself vulnerable with its new soft shell.

SCIENCE 1.3.21

Maths 1.3.21

Literacy 1.3.21

Spellings 1.3.21

Make sure you have a go at the quiz to identify which word is correct in each sentence.