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Yr 3 week 3

A super example of today's PSHE work by Sophie Evers (3H)

Story time...

What will happen to Gertrude?

Friday's Literacy

Once again, apologies for my "green pen" error. I edit in green, YOU edit in BLUE!

Friday's Maths

Friday's PSHE lesson

Story time...

Chapter 12 of Code Name Bananas. Are Sid and Eric going to get in to trouble with Sir Fredrick Frown?

Thursday's Literacy lesson

It's time to finish off these stories so our evacuees can find their mothers!

Thursday Maths lesson

LO: To order unit fractions

Thursday's French lesson

Can you remember the days of the week from last week? Join me for a sing song!

Good morning everyone!

Beanda, George, Pacey, Lucas L, Penelope and Ben also spotted the anagram chimpanzee! Well done to all of you.

Story time...

Wednesday Literacy

Wednesday maths

Good morning Year 3!

Story time...

Tuesday's Literacy Lesson

Tuesday's Maths Lesson

Science activity!

What you need: a toilet roll tube, glue/tape, cling film, paper/cardboard and some scissors.

Monday's greeting

Story time...

Chapter 9 of Code Name Bananas

Monday 18th January- Year 3 Literacy lesson

Remember to watch Mrs Pledger's video of her reading the Professor Pete story with actions. Can you remember all of the actions you came up with to memorise the story?

Professor Pete PLUS actions

Monday 18th January- Year 3 Maths lesson

Maths worksheet

Monday's science lesson (videos below)

Teachers TV: Making Shadows

Shadows On Other Worlds