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Week 2

Fantastic Fun at the Farm!

This week's blog is dedicated to the amazing day that we had at the farm with lots of photos and some explanation of what we got up to - enjoy!

We went on a coach!

For some of the children this was undoubtably the best part of the day! The children all loved looking out of the windows and seeing animals before we had even got the the farm including swans, ducks, horses, ponies, pheasants and a deer!

Where does our food come from?

We discovered that the farm grows wheat. We already knew a little bit about wheat turning into flour as we had read Little Red Hen earlier in the year but it was great to touch the wheat grown in the fields around us. We watched the farmer put all the ingredients into a bread maker ready for us to eat later.

Shake it!

During lunch we all took turns to shake a jar of cream to turn it into butter!

Delicious bread

Just before we went home it was time to eat the bread - spread with the delicious butter we had made.

Look at the lovely lambs!

It was wonderful to go and meet some of the farms newest residents - the lambs. We were taken into a filed were the mums had all had three babies and they came to greet up and have a cuddle with them.

How now brown cow?

We all loved stroking and feeding the cows. Many of them had just given birth to cows including the smallest of the herd that was born only 3 days before we arrived. We learnt about how they chew their food and looked at their teeth. We found out about the alphabetical way that they name their herd too.

Chugging along on my tractor

We were all very excited to climb aboard the trailer had take a ride to the top field.

Next week

Monday - Bank Holiday

Tuesday - School closed due to Strike Action

Wednesday - Back into School

Thursday - Normal School

Friday - Dress up day. Come to school in red, white and blue or dress as a King or Queen.


Have a wonderful weekend

Mrs Rudkin and the farm-tastic RR team