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Week 2

What a busy week!


This week the children have enjoyed continuing our topic on 'Where do I live?'. We have continued to learn about the United Kingdom and have been matching the flags to the different countries; England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. 


All about Trees


Despite the heavy rain we managed to get out into Forest School this week where we all had such a great time exploring. The children have been learning all about how trees survive the winter and have learnt the word 'deciduous' to describe trees that loose their leaves during the winter months. We enjoyed identifying lots of deciduous trees in our wonderful forest school and named the different parts of the tree including the trunk, branches, bark and we saw some very big roots. We also were able to spot a few evergreen trees too, but not many. Back in class, the children enjoyed doing some observational drawings of the trees we had seen and also used their printing skills to create some lovely evergreen trees using paints and glitter!

Here comes the Giant!


We had a great time again pretending to be Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk during our P.E lesson this week. We built on last week's learning and set up some 'balancing stations' where we got to practice our different balances and learn to travel along the equipment safely. During our warm up activity the children had to freeze in position every time I called 'Here comes the Giant!'...the children all enjoyed this very much.

Wonderful Writers


I have sat with each child this week to support them in writing an independent sentence. I am amazed at how well the children are now forming letters correctly, using their phonics to sound out words and are able to put a capital letter at the beginning and a full stop at the end of sentences. What superstar writers we have in class! smiley 

Marvellous Maths


This week we have been looking at patterns in numbers up to 5. The children have been explaining what they see to their Learning Partners and have been recognising the next Numberblock in the pattern is 'one more'. The children have enjoyed using the small cubes in class to create their own staircases and have enjoyed playing the game 'Who is missing?' with their friends, identifying missing numbers. 



During phonics this week the children have enjoyed moving on to learning their Phase 3 sounds and were delighted to learn their very first trigraph 'igh' (three letters, one sound). This week we have also learnt the digraphs 'ai', 'ee' and 'oa'. 

Please find below a link which will take you to a short clip to support you at home in how to pronounce the new sounds we will be learning this half term. 

Wishing you all an amazing weekend.


Miss Parker smiley