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Week 5

Time to grow! 

The children have enjoyed looking after their plants that they have grown inside the classroom. They have also liked preparing our outside space in readiness to grow some vegetables outside next week. 

10 Fat Sausages 

The children have been learning different ways of making ten this week, using sentence stems to help them. For example, 8 needs 2 to make 10. The children then used the song '10 Fat Sausages' to work out different number bonds to 10 by pretending that some sausages were burnt in the pan. For instance, if one sausage is burnt how many sausages are left? 


In P.E this week the children enjoyed practised their ball skills outside. They controlled the ball using both their hands and feet, making sure their ball didn't roll away! 

This week we have been reading... 

This week in class the children have really enjoyed The Cave by Rob Hodgson. They loved the twist at the end of the story!

Have a wonderful weekend! 


Mr Bartle and the RB team