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Week 1

Happy New Year!


It has been really special to welcome all the children back into school after the Christmas Break this week. They have all been very excited to share what they have been up to and their special family times they have had. They have all come back rested and eager to learn- perfect! smiley What a fantastic start to the new term they have all had. 



We started off our week by beginning our new topic in P.E, Gymnastics. The children and I enjoyed pretending to be Jack (from Jack and the Beanstalk) and travelling around the busy market in different ways to buy our magic beans! We learnt how to side step and enjoyed skipping and stretching up as tall as the beanstalk!


This week we have started to look at a new text in our Literacy lessons called 'Martha Maps it Out'. This is a text all about a little girl who loves to draw maps! The children have been fascinated by Martha's world she lives in and have been very inspired to draw their own maps. It is nice for the children to explore a text which is non-fiction too, rather than a story book. This builds in to the work we have been doing on where we live and understanding the world around us. 


During our Maths sessions this week we have been continuing with our work on Subitising. This means we are able to look at an arrangement of dots, take a special 'picture' with our eyes and know how many dots there are without having to count them. We have been explaining the patterns we can see, discussing with others the patterns we see and how we know that it is a certain number. For instance, a child may say 'I know it is 5 because there are 4 around the outside and 1 in the middle'. Or they may say, 'there are 2 on the right and 1 on the left, I know that 2+1 makes 3 and so I know it is 3'. We are getting really confident now at explaining our thinking.  

If you have a dice at home you could practise subitising whilst playing a game together!

One of the nicest thing we have enjoyed this week is being back together as a class. We have all missed each other and it has been really lovely to watch the children reconnect with their friends and enjoy playing together.

Thank you all for your continued to support. 

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend smiley


Miss Parker