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Year 4 Roman day

2C have been busy making flags, creating mock up free-standing structures and acting out the changing of the guard.

4S have also been busy on the water!

4S have been busy learning all about Electricity!

4SR on a litter pick!

Bikeability May 2021

Maths in 4S

3K art

This week in Reception our super writers are: Matthew Hemming-Chatterton, Oscar Padley, Louie Watson, Mia Williams, Seth Thomas and Finley Evans-Lochlin. They all showed great independence, motivation and knowledge to write words or sentences. Well done!

Anti Bullying Squad 2020!

Introducing the next generation of superheroes! This week in Reception we have been learning how to write sentences and these children were chosen as our ‘super writers’. They learnt different writing skills throughout the week and then completed a fantastic piece of independent writing today. Well done Reception!

A little more Children In Need!

Here are some of Year 3's fabulous project homework

Remembrance 2020

Outdoor learning day 2020

Year 2 finally got to burn our houses. It was an exciting activity and we learnt a lot from the experience. Can you tell how we felt about it afterwards?

Year 2 children enjoyed spending time outside creating firework pictures and pretending to be exploding fireworks!

4SR have been creating some beautiful art work to mark Remembrance Day 2020

3C have been busy again, this time making tombs!

3C have been busy!!

A tiny snap shot of some of the wonderful work children have done for Multi Cultural week 2020.

3H have been busy!

4SR have completed an experiment to find out the effect of different liquids on the enamel of our teeth.

Harvest 2020- THANK YOU!

4ER have been busy learning about teeth!

Yr 1 pirate day 2020!

More amazing DT in year 2! Tudor houses this time.

Year 1 have been busy making pirate ships!

Year 2 children have had fun creating lighthouses

Fun in reception!

4SR have been busy learning about The Stone Age!