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Week 12

What an 'eggcellent' week!

The children have been absolute superstars this week as another term comes to an end. We have been thinking about odd and even numbers this week, with the children using Numberblocks to help us recall odd and even numbers up to 10. The link below takes you to the episode we have been watching. 

Perfect Attendance! 

Each week every class in Chawson works hard to achieve 'perfect attendance'. Once the class has full attendance for 17 days the children are treated to a special reward. This time we chose hot chocolate, crumpet and a couple of episodes of Bluey! The children were very excited smiley.

From the past... 

The children were fascinated with an object that we displayed in the classroom this week - a very old camera! The children enjoyed talking about what they could see and liked guessing what it might be used for. We spoke about how this type of camera was used in the past a very long time ago! 

This week we have been reading... 

This week the children have enjoyed listening to poems. We shared the book 'Poems Out Loud!'. The children loved listening to poems such as Mr Bear, Big Fat Budgie and Braving the Sea! 

Have a wonderful Easter break!


Mr Bartle and the RB team