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Week 7

Love is All Around! heart


This week we explored what Valentine's Day is and why it is celebrated. We discussed the word 'love' and what it means, and talked about the people who we love including all of our family and friends. We discussed different ways we can show love including looking after someone if they are sad and being kind to others.


This lead us onto making our very own 'Love Potions'. The children enjoyed mixing together a handful of 'pleases and thankyous', a pinch of 'kindness' and a sprinkling of 'thoughtfulness'. We thought they were very good Love Potions indeed!



This week in Maths we have been exploring the words 'light' and 'heavy'. We have been using the balancing scales inside and outdoors to weigh different objects. We have made predictions about which object is heaviest and why we think that. We then challenged ourselves to find something which is big but light, and small but heavy! 



In this week's Music lesson we explored Rhythm. We used the claves to copy the Rhythm that Miss Parker played and put words to our different Rhythms e.g. cheese and biscuits, macaroni cheese, soouuuuuuuup! This helped us to understand Rhythm as a pattern of beats. We also sang lots of call and response songs and Miss Parker used the drum so that we could respond to the music, getting taller as the beat got faster and low to the ground as the beat slowed down. 

Yummy Pancakes!


We continued with our story of 'Mr Wolf's Pancakes' and this week we all wrote some instructions to help Mr Wolf remember how to cook pancakes. What a forgetful wolf he is! Again, we were so impressed with the children's writing and how they are applying their phonics, using finger spaces between words and remembering their full stops and capital letters.

We also tasted some yummy pancakes and chose different toppings to put on top- what a treat!

Although the temperatures are still cold we have really enjoyed the sun making an appearance and have enjoyed learning outdoors with our friends. Here are a few pictures from the week.

What a wonderful Half Term it has been, packed with lots of learning and fun. We can't believe how much progress the children are making, we feel very proud smiley


Thank you for your continued support and we wish you a happy and relaxing Half Term break.


Miss Parker & the wonderful RP Team smiley