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Week 1

Week 1


This week we welcomed our new children into Busy Bees, and welcomed back our Pre-school children, who are now Little Lambs. They have settled in so well, learning our routines, familiarising themselves with their new rooms to explore and getting to know the new faces in the room.


We have enjoyed sharing our ‘holiday news’ as a theme this week. We were very excited to see that Chawson Bear had been on his holidays, and had even brought back some souvenirs for us to discuss. This prompted the children to share their holiday/summer experiences.


We have been learning a range of skills this week. We have been focusing on how to use the play dough to create a desired object or shape, we have learnt how to construct with bricks to recreate something and become more confident to ask for help from an adult.


The weather gave us lots to talk about as we experienced, sunny days, rainy days and even thundery days all in one week. We have been listening to our new song ‘The Weather Song’, which your child may start to share with you at home as we listen to it each week.


Next week, we look forward to learning through the topic of ‘This Is Me’. We will be discussing what we look like, our likes and dislikes and what we are good at. This is something you can discuss at home 😊