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Week 6

Pancakes and Patterns!


We can't believe another week has flown by already. This week we have been exploring our new text 'Mr Wolf's Pancakes' which the children and I are really enjoying. This book has inspired us to think about which toppings we like on our own pancakes with our Learning Partners (there were some interesting ones!) and then we thought we would have a go at writing our own shopping lists to buy the ingredients to make some pancakes. We talked about how lists go down rather than across, and we thought really hard about the sounds needed in each word we wrote e.g. eggs, flour and milk. Once again, I have been really impressed with the children's writing this week. smiley We also had a go at making some of our own pancakes using materials in the classroom. 



This week in our Phonics lessons we learnt our last digraph (two letters, one sound) and our last trigraph (three letters, one sound). We then went on to practise reading and then writing longer words with double letters in the middle (e.g. rabbit, hammer). The words were so long we had to "Chunk it Up!". Please find in book bags this week a prompt sheet to help you assist your child at home in remembering the Phase 3 sounds we have taught in school. 



Our P.E this week continued along the theme of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We set up 6 different stations where the children could choose which Bear to travel as. Within their station they were asked to include a roll, a different way of travelling (as Baby Bear), a balance and a jump (into the Bears porridge!). They were able to put together some great sequences!

Repeated Patterns


Our Maths this week enabled us to explore repeated patterns. We looked at AB patterns, AAB, ABB and ABC patterns. We explored these patterns by using musical instruments, body parts, art, natural materials and cubes to name a few! The children enjoyed using potato printing to create different repeating patterns and whilst out in Forest School we were able to create some more repeating patterns using natural materials. 

We have enjoyed another fun week where lots of learning has taken place. I'm sure you'll agree that the smiles on the Children's faces say it all!

Thank you again to all Parents/Carers who were able to attend our Reading Morning on Wednesday, it was a fantastic turn out this week! It's a lovely atmosphere and makes a huge impact. 


Just a reminder to please make sure you send your child in with a drinks bottle filled with water each day.


Thank you for all of your continued support.


Have a great weekend,

Miss Parker smiley