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Week 2

Writing, phonics and dinosaurs!

This week  we have been very busy. In Forest School we created bonfires and had great fun exploring the leaves. In our PE session we explored moving around the PE equipment as different animals including a tree frog and a jaguar!


The children have lots of opportunities to explore writing every week. This week every child has been writing three words from our new story - Little Red Hen. They used the sound mats to help find the grapheme (written sound) before using teh formation phrase to help write the letter. Some of us use pencil grips to try and support creation of the tripod grip.


Here is a snapshot of a few members of the class writing their words - red, hen and cut.

Name writing

On a Thursday and Friday morning from 8.30 we have a go at writing our names. We focus on the correct formation using the formation phrases and use sheets with the Little Wandle mnemonic images to help.


This term we have started writing in our phonics lessons. Its great to be able to apply our phonics skills to writing and I am so proud at how well the children have adapted to this new part in our phonics lesson. 

This week's phonics

This week we have learnt the following diagraphs ff, ll, ss, and one single sound j

Dinosaurs - Explorosaurus

In Reception we focus on three characteristics of effective teaching and learning. They are: 


  • Playing and exploring: – Children investigate and experience things, and ‘have a go’. Children who actively participate in their own play develop a larger store of information and experiences to draw on which positively supports their learning
  • Active learning: – Children concentrate and keep on trying if they encounter difficulties. They are proud of their own achievements. For children to develop into self-regulating, lifelong learners they are required to take ownership, accept challenges, and learn persistence.
  • Creating and thinking critically: – Children develop their own ideas and make links between these ideas. They think flexibly and rationally, drawing on previous experiences which help them to solve problems and reach conclusions.


The children have being Explorosaurus' this week - learning to explore new things around the classroom! 

Have a wonderful weekend


Mrs Rudkin and the incredible RR team