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Week 11

Nest building fun!


We discussed different Spring birds this week and talked about why and how the birds build nests. The children were fascinated that they use their beaks and it takes them months to do this. Whilst in Forest School we decided to, working with a partner, use twigs, sticks, leaves and mud to build our very own birds nests...we had great fun and hope that the birds are now snuggled up in their new homes!



What's that I can see...?


This week we took out some old binoculars and thought about what they could be used for. We could see that they were quite old and had fun guessing what they could be used for. We thought back to our learning about the explorer Ernest Shackleton and thought maybe he could have used them on his adventures! We enjoyed exploring the binoculars and using them to look at things far away. Some of the children told me they had binoculars at home!

Penguin Experts!


The children are really enjoying learning about penguins and are becoming quite the penguin experts! We decided to do some independent writing this week, writing some facts about penguins. The children wrote independently, using their knowledge of phonics to sound talk the words they were unsure of. Their handwriting is really coming on. See if they can tell you some interesting penguin facts at home! 



This week we have been using dice, objects around the classroom and our fingers to explore doubles. The children are really enjoying this and are able to tell me that both numbers on our hands or the dice have to be equal. Maybe you could roll two dice at home to see if you can spot some doubles!

5, 6, 7, 8!


During our P.E session this week we continued to create dance sequences using scarves in a circle. We worked together to create dance sequences to the count of 8, moving in different directions. We found it quite tricky to dance to the count of 8 but we certainly gave it our best shot!

Farm Trip


Our farm trip is coming up after Easter, on Wednesday 26th April. If you haven't already done so, please sign into ParentPay to register your child for this trip. Also, if you are available on the day to help with the trip, please come to speak to me. I would be very grateful and it will be a fantastic day for all the children.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend.


Miss Parker and the RP Team smiley