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Week 12

Lights, Camera, Action!


This week we have officially started rehearsing for our wonderful Nativity 'A Bundle of Joy' which we are working very hard on. We are having lots of fun singing our Nativity songs and the children are getting into their roles very well! We are very proud of them all! We hope you have all now got the tickets you require to come and enjoy our performance. 



This week we have learnt our last set of digraphs for this half term. Next week we will be applying these to our reading of a variety of new words. The children have been working so hard in Phonics, they have all made great progress and it is wonderful to now see them apply this to their reading and writing. smiley

This week we have learnt the digraphs (two letters, one sound) 'sh' 'th' 'ng' and 'nk'. Here are the phrases below so you can support your children at home.

Hearing Tests


You will have received a letter via email informing you of a routine hearing test which all children in Reception Class receive. This is really useful in detecting any hearing problems early on and so it really important that you register using the link on the letter so that you will be able to see the results of the hearing test. There is also a link on the letter where you will be able to find out more information on this should you need it. The hearing tests will be taking place on Monday 5th next week. 

Move like an animal...


We have continued to move in different ways during our P.E lesson this week, using the apparatus to practise balancing and landing on two feet. We enjoyed moving around the apparatus as different jungle animals...see if you can spot on the pictures which animal we are being! smiley



This week we have been learning to compose and decompose numbers to 5. This is where we look at different arrangements of numbers to 5. We then ask the children to explain what their arrangement looks like in their own words. 

Wishing you a wonderful, wintery weekend smiley

Miss Parker