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Week 4

What have we done this week?

Spring Nests

This week we loved learning all about how birds build their nests. We talked about putting birdfeeders out to help nesting birds in the spring and even had a go at building our own nests out of twigs. It's a lot harder than it looks but we were pretty proud of our results!


This week we have learnt all about doubles. We have used our fingers to show doubles upto 5, looked at images on dice and decided if they were doubles or not doubles. Then we made doubles using objects in the classroom. We then practised saying the parts and how much they made altogether.

Wonderful writing

This week in our English lessons we have been making a Penguin Fact Book using all the amazing facts that they children have learnt. We then challenged the children to write their own amazing  sentences about penguins. 

Also this week

We have been making penguin eggs from papier mache, unleashing our creativity on the craft table and

Fun in the sun!

The sun made a brief appearance this week and we loved being outside in it! We made mud cakes, drew on the blackboard and played a great games of giant tic tack toe!


This week we have challenged the children to access their Numbots accounts and have a go at some of the games. We hope you enjoy playing them. 


In our Friday celebration assembly the children have an opportunity to present work that they have done, show reading certificates - for every 15 reads that they complete and now Numbots certificates too.


Have a wonderful weekend

Mrs Rudkin and the brilliant RR team