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Week 5

Winter wonderland

This week we have continued to look at the season Winter. We have painted snowflakes, made them on the light box and made them using shapes. We have continued to apply our independence of doing up our own zips when going out during choosing time and going out to forest school.

Forest School

This week we explored all of the trees in Forest School and around the school grounds for signs of mistletoe. We learnt how the plant is spread and how it grows into the trees branches and steals their food! Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful at spotting any on the school grounds but I have asked all the children to keep their eyes peeled and see if they spot any. Let me know if you find any over the weekend.

Reading with adults

It was wonderful to welcome into the classroom so many adults again this week to read with the children. We have 2 more Wednesdays before half term and would love to see you if you can make it from 8.30am to 8.45am

Wonderful writing!

This week the children have been applying their phonics to writing sentences. We have used our new whiteboards and were amazing at handing them out along the line and collecting in all the equipment too.

Our sentences all made the adults go 'wow!' because they were so good. After we sound talked each word the children helped me write each word before it was covered up and all of the children wrote their sentence independently! Have a look at us writing them and showing them off!

More than and fewer than

This week we have explored the concept of more than, fewer than and equal to. the class were amazing at telling me all the things they could notice and decided that the type of toys didn't matter but the number did - brilliant work guys!

Fabulous phonics

This week we have learnt 3 more diagraphs and one more trigraph. Well done.

Sadly, our toasters have broken so we have had to have an alternative snack this week. This week we tried bread sticks and rather liked them. We also tried a new fruit thanks to Eddies mum who brought it in to try. A passionfruit flavoured kiwi!

Have a wonderful weekend. 

Mrs Rudkin and the super RR team