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Week 4

Who stuck the vegetables on the window?

We returned this week on Tuesday to find that someone or something had stuck vegetables to the window. We brainstormed who we thought it could be and came up with lots of ideas including the King, Zombies or a ghost! 

On Wednesday we discovered that it was none other than Evil Pea from the Supertato book. We are so excited to be looking at this book for the next couple of weeks.

We made our own Evil Peas!

Today I discovered many Evil Peas on my desk...I think we may find them in many places this week. We have made small peas, peas with faces and even giant peas!

Who trapped the Veggies?

We've been writing our own sentences about what we think happened to the vegetables. Today they were trapped on the tray!

Where does our food come from?

As part of our topic Come Outside we have been finding out about where our food comes from and how fruit and vegetables are grown. We started talking about sweetcorn and found out its very similar to popcorn. Mrs Rudkin brought in her popcorn maker and we had great fun scooping the kernels and the popped corn too!

5 Little Kittens jumping on the bed!

In maths this week we have been using a rhyme to help us think about our number bonds to five. We have used our fingers to show the bonds and said a phrase to help us think about the parts that make up the whole number.

For example. 5 is made of 3 and 2. 3 and 2 make 5.

It's's pouring!

We all stopped playing on Tuesday to look at the rain and hail!

Next Week

We will be watching the Year One performance on Monday and we will be in school for 5 days - watch out for some tired little people on Friday!


We hope that you all have a wonderful weekend. I'm hoping for a dry one so that I can get out in the fresh air!


Mrs Rudkin and the fantastic RR Team