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Week 12

Easter Eggstravaganza!


We have had an eggcellent time this week hunting for eggs both in and out of the classroom! We searched for eggs in the classroom on Friday which the Easter bunny had left for us, we hope these make it home to eat! We also decided to search for 'Easter Eggs' in Forest School. Once we found the eggs with numbers on we ordered the numbers by calling out our number and putting ourselves in the correct order, from smallest number to largest.

Odd or Even?


This week we have continued to practise making doubles on our fingers. We know that we have to make the SAME number on the other hand. We thought about the parts used to make 6 as a double, for example "6 is made of 3 and 3" we also know that "3 and 3 make 6".

We also started to look at odd and even numbers. We looked at the Numberblocks shapes and saw that the odd numbers have odd tops and the even numbers have 'big, flat, even tops'. 

Which animal am I?


In P.E this week we thought about different animals on a farm and chose to move as our favourite farm animals. We saw some interesting goats, hens and horses galloping by! We used the count of 8 to put all of our short sequences together to come up with a rather energetic dance routine!  

Eggcellent Writing


This week we looked at an Easter picture which inspired us to write our own sentences on our whiteboards. We used our phonics knowledge to help us to sound out the words and we have remembered our finger spaces too! Miss Parker was so impressed we took all of our writing to Celebration Assembly on Friday to show the rest of the school! smiley

Amazing Explorers


We looked at a new explorer this week, Polar Preet and discussed her adventures to Antarctica. We were fascinated by her and had great discussions about what she would've taken with her. We then thought back to our learning about Earnest Shackleton and compared this to what he may have taken with him. We looked at different objects including a camera from a VERY long time ago, a modern pair of binoculars and bed mats and sleeping bags. 


Here are a few pictures from throughout the week...

What a wonderful week we have had to conclude the last part of the Spring Term.


Wishing you all a wonderful Easter Break. Your children have all achieved many great things this term and they truly deserve the break and a chance to recharge. Try not to eat too much chocolate!


Look forward to seeing you all back in school on Monday 17th April.


Miss Parker and the RP Team smiley