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Week 9

Wonderful Writers! 


What another amazing week we have had. This week the children have been given lots of wonderful writing opportunities to enable them to practise sounding out the words first and using their phonic knowledge to begin writing some CVC words- they are amazing! smiley

We have also been giving the children opportunities to practise writing their names using the correct letter formation, why don't you see if they can practise this at home!

We have started to read the Little Red Hen in Literacy and have been thinking about the sequence of events. The children have been giving opportunities to write words from the story such as 'cut', 'red' and 'hen' independently. 


Forest School


In Forest School this week we worked in small groups to collect leaves, twigs and sticks to create our own mini bonfires! We also enjoyed singing songs around Base Camp which the children really enjoyed.

Who wants to be an 'Explorosaurus'?


This week we have been thinking about the characteristics of learning and we have introduced the character 'Explorosaurus' to the children. The children have a chart in class and each time we or their friends catch them being a good 'Explorosaurus', they receive a sticker on their chart. See below to see how your child is being a good 'Explorosaurus'....! We have many in class!



During our P.E lessons we have started to learn gymnastics. This week we got out some apparatus and set up a 'Jungle' in the hall; we had a 'swamp', 'trees' and 'stepping stones'. The children had to move through the jungle going through the swamp, along the stepping stones and up and over the trees as a jungle animal of their choice. We were very impressed!



We have continued with our learning of phonics this week and have learnt three new digraphs 'ff', 'll' and 'ss'. We have also learnt the phoneme 'j'. See below for the formation phrase so the children can have a go at writing 'j' at home!



We are very proud of your children and I'm sure they are ready for a relaxing weekend.

Have fun!

Miss Parker smiley