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Week 3

Science, snow, jigsaws and fireworks?

What's the connection? Well...these are all things that we have loved learning about this week and at the end of last week too!



Last week was the School Science Day. We used the EYFS theme of connections and senses to do some of our own investigations. First we learnt about our sense of smell. We were then given a container with a smell in and we and to guess what it was. Some were nice smells and some we didn't like. Mrs Rudkin had put them all in cocoa tins so we were a little confused to start with and none of them smelt like chocolate!


Our GuessActual smell
no idea...we didn't like it!garlic powder
chips and pickle onionsvinegar
Washinglenor stoppables


Then we used our sense of taste. We found out about how the tongue has different parts of it that help us taste food then we each had a spoon and Mrs Rudkin placed a little of each thing on it. Some made our faces go all funny!


bitterlime juice



Yes I know its March but we loved our amazing dance lesson this week all about fireworks. We jumped, span and twirled to the music before learning a  routine and dancing all together with our scarves. 

More Toy Talks

This week we had some more amazing talks about our toys. The children were all really excited to share with the class. Our last talks are next Monday. We're looking forward to them.

Mystery object...

When we came into the class on Monday we were presented with 2 mystery items. We explored what they were made of and discussed what we thought they might be. Ideas included rackets for playing bat and ball or nets. We were amazed when we discovered that they were replica snow shoes from 1914 - the year that Shackleton went to Antartica!

Also this week...

We have been loving challenging ourselves with making jigsaws, building marble runs, strengthening our fingers with our morning funky fingers, making train tracks and loving construction too

Red Nose Fun


Don't forget to pop your parents evening request slip in your child's book bag. I have already allocated many times and only have a few spaces left but will do my best to accommodate you all. I hope you all have a very Happy Mother's Day on Sunday and that you get a lovely rest.


Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Rudkin and the fabulous RR team