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Week 6

Welcome to week 5! 


The children have had a wonderful week in class RB. This week in forest school, the children have been creating 'leaf hedgehogs'. The children searched for a bunch of leaves and then threaded them onto a stick, to create a hedgehog! You may want to try this at home, maybe on an Autumn walk during half-term smiley


We have now finished our Autumn 1 sounds! The children have done incredibly well in remembering the different phonemes that have been taught. Below are the last four phonemes that we have learnt this week. Please share these with your child at home. 



This week in maths we have been thinking about number four. We have been talking about that even though four can be represented in different ways, it still makes four in total. For example, Numberblock 4 creates different shapes, but still has four blocks! 

You may want to share this episode of Numberblocks with your child at home: 

We hope that you have a wonderful weekend. 


Mr Bartle and the RB team