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Week 1

Come Outdoors!


Welcome back to the Summer Term! The children have come back refreshed and ready to learn. It has been great to see them playing with their friends again and I am pleased you have all enjoyed a lovely break. 

We have dived right into our new topic 'Come Outdoors' and have been talking about the names of Farmyard animals including their young. The children were fascinated to learn that a baby goat was called a 'kid'! Not to be confused with a human kid!


This week has been a busy one as ever as we began counting larger numbers in Maths, using our Maths puppet "Monty Mouse" to help us to count beyond 20. We recognised patterns whilst counting and helped Monty to not get muddled up by touching and moving the cubes as we counted them as well as putting them into smaller groups to count.

During our Literacy lessons this week we have been reading our new book 'Farmer Duck'. The children really enjoyed exploring the characters and choosing their favourite parts of the story. We even invited some of the children up to act out their favourite parts in front of the rest of the class- we had some very funny farmers indeed!

Photos from throughout the week...

In Forest School this week we decided to look for any changes that had happened over the Easter break. We certainly thought that Forest School was looking much greener and the children noticed some new flowers appearing smiley.

The children were very keen to start our new P.E unit this week which was learning new ball skills. We thought about going to the park on a windy day and how we would handle a ball, rolling it to a partner and catching it. We moved in different ways with the ball including backwards! During our warm-up we used colourful scarves and pretended these were kites which we were flying high in the sky!

We are really looking forward to our trip to the farm next Wednesday 26th April. Please ensure your child has wellies in school as we will be taking these with us. Children must also come to school dressed in Forest School clothing, wearing trainers and have a waterproof coat with them. Please also bring a good sized rucksack for them to carry everything in!


What a fabulous first week back we have had. Thank you to those who attended Parents Evenings this week, it's always a pleasure to talk about your children's amazing achievements and I'm sure you are feeling as proud as I am of them smiley.


Have a lovely weekend,


Miss Parker and the RP Team