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Week 4

When we entered the classroom on Tuesday morning we were shocked to see some vegetables were on our classroom board! What were they doing? Had they escaped? Who from...? The children were all very intrigued! This led us nicely into our new Literacy text 'Supertato'! Throughout the week we have discussed the different characters, thought of words to describe them, put these words into oral sentences and had a go at writing our own sentence about Evil Pea!



During our Maths this week we have been exploring our number bonds to 5, looking at different ways the number 5 can be made up. We explored this in depth using counters and printing. 

Forest School


We managed to get outside just before the big thunderstorm arrived on Tuesday! Whilst in Forest School we used sticks and leaves to create magic wands. We then made wishes with them!

Where do they come from?


We began to think about where vegetables come from and what they need in order to grow. This week we have been busy planting our own seeds (green beans) and we are eager to see how they will grow over the coming weeks!



During P.E this week we practised our underarm throwing. We then practised throwing the ball underarm into a target. We set up different target practise around the hall for us to have a go at. We had very good aims!

Thank you once again for your continued support. Have a restful weekend.


Miss Parker & the RP Team smiley