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Week 10

Adventures to Antarctica! 


The children have continued their learning about Antarctica this week and have relished the opportunity to learn more about penguins. The children have been very excited to learn a new word: fledgling. Ask your child at home if they know the meaning of this new word! 

Packing our suitcases! 

We have been thinking this week about what we would take on an adventure to Antarctica. The children really liked discussing with each other what they would pack in their suitcase. We then wrote lists of the items we would take. 

Tilda Tries Again! 

We have been reading the story 'Tilda Tries Again' and thinking about how we can show perseverance in our play. The children really tried hard to make sure they kept persevering when challenges occurred. 

Number 7 

We have also been looking at number 7 this week and how we can make the number using 5 and 2. The children know that '7 is made from 5 and 2'.