Chawson First School Curriculum Intent

The curriculum at Chawson First School reflects the vision of the school and incorporates all aspects of the National Curriculum. We are proud of the personalised approach that we take to the curriculum enabling us to ensure that our children can access their learning most effectively and that the knowledge, skills and concepts included are those which are most important to our children.

Our curriculum is unique. It relates to the local context of Chawson and the variety of our children’s needs.  Many of our children have a low starting point and benefit from the language rich, supportive environment which is personalised for individuals.  We look to provide rich opportunities that our children may not otherwise experience.  We encourage our children to be aspirational and not to put a ceiling on their future.

The school has formed, over a number of years, a curriculum entitlement statement and learning environment minimum entitlement statement to ensure that all children have access to

  • Experiences to develop their understanding: including visits, visitors, year group events, and interesting topics.
  • A positive environment for learning: including classroom working walls and displays, personal child friendly materials, talk for learning, outside activities, and parental involvement.
  • An engaging curriculum: including a cross curricular approach. Purpose is given to tasks and reasons to write. Hooks into topics, contribution to our local community, exposure to occupations and opportunities to develop independence are delivered.

The curriculum is evaluated through work scrutiny, pupil interviews, teachers’ responses and Governors’ visits into school.  Modifications are made where appropriate and reflected in policy if necessary.

The knowledge and understanding to be gained at each stage of learning is detailed in the school’s reading, writing, and maths assessment materials and the Year Group over views of the curriculum. The school uses skills progression documents to ensure coverage throughout the school.  The specific knowledge and key words taught during each topic are shared with parents through the half termly topic letters.

To specifically support the teaching of reading and phonics we follow the ‘Letters and Sounds’ document using resources from Jolly Phonics and Ruth Miskin. We use a range of reading schemes including Oxford reading tree, Project X, Songbirds and Dandelion Readers.

Click here to view our 2019 curriculum overview: Curriculum Overview 2019

More detail of the Chawson Curriculum can be found in the school prospectus, year group curriculum plans and the reading, writing and maths assessment grids.

Reception curriculum coverage

Year 1 curriculum coverage

Year 2 curriculum coverage

Year 3 curriculum coverage

Year 4 curriculum coverage

Maths Assessment Y1-Y6

Reading Assessment Y1-Y6

Writing Assessment Y1-Y6

We also strive to meet the needs of our children and families with regards to Emotional Mental Health and Wellbeing, click below for more information:

Emotional mental health and wellbeing information

To find out more about the National Curriculum please click the link below: