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Year 3

Robot project

Dear Parents/Guardians,

This term our topic is ‘Robots’. We will be learning about materials linked to robots using magnets and springs and leavers and pulleys. We will be learning how to move robots through ICT resources and exploring what robots might do and how they move.

For their half termly project, we would like the children to create their own Robot. How your child presents their task is up to them, however there must be some written work included.  


You could include:

  • A moving robot or model
  • A design using your knowledge of shape and measure
  • An adventure story about a robot
  • Instructions on how to make a robot
  • Instructions on how to control a robot
  • Explanations of how the robot works and what it can be used for
  • Diary entries for your robot


Remember that this is only a list of potential ideas! You may have different ones! Have fun with your learning!


We would like the children to bring their finished work in on Monday 2nd November.  Due to Covid restrictions we will not be collecting in work any earlier than this and work will be sent home the same day. Unfortunately, we will not be inviting parents in to a showcase but children will get to see each other’s work across their class.


Thank you,

Year 3 staff

3C have been busy!!

It's been a very busy week in 3H!

We hope everyone has enjoyed their first week back at school especially as it is a little different to normal!


We have loved seeing lots of friendly faces again. 

We hope to be able to share lots more photos and information about the activities at school in the future! 

We start the year off learning all about 'Robots'.


You will be writing stories with Robots, use them in our DT and look at robotic ideas "magnets and springs" in science.

We even create a robot dance in PE!