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Week 7

What a busy end to the half term we have had! It started with some mixed weather so we took full of advantage of this. The heavy rain caused lots of huge puddles, so we got on our puddle suits and wellies and enjoyed floating boats and splashing around in the water. We all listened to the rules so well and thoroughly enjoyed it. We also spotted a rainbow, perfect timing as we are learning the song ‘I can sing a rainbow’. Mrs Bartle then decided to create ‘spooky puddles’ by adding powder paint to the puddles-very sneaky!


As we all enjoy the bikes so much, we thought we would take advantage of the huge playground and take turns to practice riding them in the open space. We are getting much stronger to make the pedals move around.

In the middle of the week, we learnt about pumpkins. We learnt that they grow on the ground, they are orange, you can scoop out and cook the insides of them. All of us had a go at feeling a real pumpkin- it was heavy! We enjoyed painting pumpkin templates to make hanging decorations and then made pumpkins with play dough.


As our theme is colour, we played a colour match game using the dice and coloured spots to find things around the room to match. We are learning to take turns and listen to instructions.


Thank you for a lovely first half term. We are so proud of how the children are settling in and look forward to a fresh start in November 😊