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Week 6

Week 6

This week we found a new story in Mrs Bartle’s basket….Dear Santa by Rod Campbell. We read it and have learnt to retell the story using actions and following pictures as prompts. The children keep practising all by themselves and can almost retell the whole story. Ask your child to tell you all about it at home, it is a real treat. We have some children demonstrating the story on our Facebook page.

In forest school, we went on a candy cane hunt. Lots of children can recognise numbers 1-5 and most importantly worked nicely in pairs to help each other find them all.

During our PE slot, we had to pass 4 tests set by our Elf. The first was warm up by copying Elf actions. The second was to pass along the ‘presents’ to each other in a circle. The third was to throw and catch the ‘presents’ from another partner. And the fourth was to place the present in the correct coloured hoop, using our listening skills. We all PASSED!

Instead of writing and sending cards to Postman Bear, we are now writing to Santa and posting in our Elves workshop post box. We are all getting very excited for Christmas!