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Week 6

So much fun this week!

We started this week with our first trip. We were all very excited as we got our coats on and lined up with our partners. Each group had an adult with them and it was lovely hearing all the chattering as we made our way down Blackfriars Avenue and into Droitwich. Once inside the library we listened to stories, guessed how many books there were inside and were taken on a tour. We said hello to a French class taking place in one of the meeting rooms and they taught us how to say hello - bonjour! We learnt that the library used to be a cinema and as we stood looking at where the huge screen would be, one child remarked that the edging looked like shells at the seaside.  Finally, Mrs Rudkin used her library card to borrow some books for us to read at school using the machines.

Did you know that you can get library cards for children? On their cards they can borrow up to 12 books at a time. Books can be renewed online and there are no late return fees for children. It’s a great way to explore books and of course the best thing is its free! Follow the link below to read about it.

Superhero Squiggle Day!

On Wednesday we welcomed lots of very excited Superheroes into the class. We combined the children’s love of superheros with the importance of learning how to ‘squiggle’ (write) We took our Superhero Squiggle Sticks for a fly around the school – flying past Miss Peck in a beautiful line. We played Squiggle and Stop to music and later practised our new Squiggle Stick hold to music – helped by a biscuit too!

The children all learnt to hold their ‘sticks’ correctly and we were really proud of them. The children were given their own triangular ‘pencil’ squiggle sticks.

Here is a picture of how we hold our ‘squiggle sticks’ in Reception. You could support your child at home by encouraging this grip at home.


Finally, remember that the parent’s evenings will now be held over the phone.


We hope you had a lovely weekend

Mrs Rudkin