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Week 5

Week 5

Happy Chinese New Year! 


The children have had a wonderful time celebrating Chinese New Year this week. We started off the week by developing our shoulder and arm strength by practising our very own ribbon dance, which is one of the ways in which Chinese New Year is celebrated. We also learnt about the origins of Chinese New Year and that each new year is named after a particular animal. The children were also excited to find out which animal represented their birth year - a rooster or a monkey! 

The children also enjoyed their Chinese celebration on Friday, where we enjoyed our Chinese food feast and opened fortune cookies! 

This week was also the start of 'show and tell' where the children presented to the class and spoke about their favourite soft toy or teddy. It was lovely to see how animated the children were to talk about something from home. 

We hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Mr Bartle and Class RB