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Week 5

Week 5 in RR

Thank you to all the parents who came and played with us this week. It was so lovely to hear such lovely feedback from parents. Thursday’s group didn’t want to leave they were having such fun!


This week was a bunch of firsts. Our first wet Forest School – Mrs Rudkin made the sensible decision to return to school before the deluge and we avoided getting too wet. As long as the rain isn’t too heavy, we will continue to attend Forest School all year round. We also had our first school photographs. Everyone looked so smart and listened to the instructions from the photographers really well.

On Monday we had a very special parcel delivered – what was inside? We thought it might be a few different things before we unwrapped the brown paper and discovered a loaf of bread! We all smelt the bread and most of us tasted it. It was delicious!

On Tuesday we started to learn the story of The Little Red Hen about the Hen who asked for help to grow the wheat, grind the flour and make the bread. We discovered that the Bull, Cat and Rat didn’t help the Little Red Hen at all and so when she had finally baked her delicious loaf of bread, she decided not to share it! The children all unanimously agreed that she should keep the bread and lots decided that they would have helped her.

Today Mrs Rudkin showed us how to make bread just like the Little Red Hen using the flour. We watched it rise before it was shaped into little rolls – enough for us all to have one!

Next week we will continue learning the story using actions and a story map to help us. Can you get your child to recall the story? Please see the story below to help.

Next Wednesday we have a very special Superhero Squiggle party. Please can the children come dressed up as a Superhero? This can be a real or imaginary superhero. A full costume or a superhero cape it up to you. A homemade mask or a t-shirt. I think I will be digging out my own Rainbow Cape and bringing Rainbow Girl back!


Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Rudkin