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Week 4


This week we have been talking about ourselves and our family. The children enjoyed describing themselves, including their hair colour and hair types. ‘Long curly hair’ was one of my favourite descriptions. We then talked about the concepts same and different. We decided we all had two eyes which was the same as other people but that the colour of our eyes was different to some others.


Using the term same, we compared objects we found in forest school. Some of us found two feathers which looked the same, some found leaves which looked the same and we even managed to find two pink leaves!

We have been improving our physical development this week. We threaded cotton reels to make necklaces and used plastic scissors from the doctors sets to develop our fine motor skills. Outside, we all thoroughly enjoyed the trikes and many other outdoor toys to further develop our gross motor skills. We practiced pedalling, pushing, throwing and catching and most importantly had lots of fun experimenting and persevering.

The end of the week brought a special treat… dough and a ball pit! We used the tools carefully to achieve different effects with the playdough. As well as causing lots of laughter and giggles, the ball pit encouraged us all to pick up the balls with one hand and practice throwing them back in as quickly as we could- what a fun way to end another busy week in Pre-school.