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Week 3

Week 3


This week has been full of fun with lots of stripes and spots!

During forest school, we spotted two ‘speckled frogs’ which caused a lot of excitement. We watched them and discussed where they might have come from and why they were hiding in the logs. The children named them ‘Ned’ and ‘Dave’ and decided they were looking for a pond. This inspired us back in pre-school to have a frog theme for a few days. We learnt to sing ‘5 little speckled frogs’, coloured in frogs using the right colours and speckled frog templates using our fingers and paint. The children who weren’t in to see the frogs didn’t miss out too much, as luckily, we managed to film the frogs to share with them too.


We have already started to celebrate children turning 4 years old, enjoying singing happy birthday and clapping 4 times. Next week we will be focusing more on ‘all about ourselves’, thinking about what we like/dislike, what we look like and who lives with us at home. Perhaps you can discuss these things with your children at home.


The week ended with our spots and stripes day! Thank you for all of the children’s stripy and spotty clothes. We all enjoyed looking at each other’s clothes, describing what they were wearing and sang a new song perfectly called ‘Spotty socks’.

The children added spot sweets to cupcakes, which of course they very much enjoyed eating- demonstrating a lot of patience until everyone had made one!


Thank you pre-schoolers for another fun-filled week 😊