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Week 3

Transition to Year One


I can't believe that it is this time of the year already and I'm not sure I'm ready for the class to leave me yet but they have grown so much this year and are ready for the transition. Today, myself and Mr Bartle were looking back at the work that the children produced at the beginning of the year and comparing it with their latest sentences - wow...simply wow! How far they have come is incredible.


As you will all know the children were informed of their new class for next year.

They will be in 1PS.

New classroom entrance

Mrs Parker will be the teacher on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Mrs Smith is the teacher on Thursday and Friday

Mrs Simpson is the class TA and teaches when the Teachers have PPA time. 

Miss Duggan will be the lunchtime supervisor.

The children have already been over the the Year 1 area in order to use their toilets whilst ours are being refurbished so they are getting used to the area they will be using next year.

They will go over for a morning on Monday 4th July.

More information will follow.

Music Festival - Tuesday 28th July

 We are so excited about attending the music festival at Westlands First School next week. We have been really busy learning the songs and we can't wait to sing them with everyone.


Please can children come to school dressed as a rainforest animal? You can buy a costume or make a costume such as a headband with a face on or a headband with ears on.


We investigated the animals in our songs. They are crocodile, snake, jaguar, monkey, sloth, poison dart frog, bats, bee, parrot, butterfly, toucan, leopard, spider, ant and tiger!

Have a wonderful weekend. 


Mrs Rudkin and the hardworking RR Team.