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Week 3

This week we met a very hungry caterpillar! We listened to the story, learnt about the fruits he ate and enjoyed learning all about caterpillars. 


We have a Fruit & Veg shop in our role-play areas. The children love scanning the foods through the till and asking for money!


During our PE slot this week, we learnt how to perform Yoga, watching the story of the Hungry Caterpillar. This was from the Cosmic Kids Yoga site on YouTube if anyone wants to practice it again at home. 


One day it rained lots, so during our music session we tried to find instruments that sounds like rain. We practised playing our instruments softly and loudly to replicate the light rain and heavy rain. The children were very good at stopping when the red scarf was held up and starting playing when the green scarf was held up. 


During forest school, we collected natural objects suitable to create a 'bug house'. We collected sticks, branches, leaves and soil. We even found some lovely creepy crawlies! We used this to create our very own 'bug hotel' in Pre-school. 


We look forward to welcoming our real caterpillars to Pre-school very soon.