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Week 2

Week 2


This week we have introduced our new topic; On The Farm. We enjoyed learning the words in the story ‘Oh Dear’ by Rod Campbell. It also got us talking about eggs. The children were able to name different types of eggs, as a group, and share with us which type is their favourite. Scrambled eggs were the most popular!


Our Home Corner’s have turned into making and eating breakfast. We have been pretending to serve breakfast with cereal boxes, milk cartons, bowls and spoons. We have also been serving cooked breakfasts in the farmhouse kitchen, serving eggs, sausages, mushrooms and toast, yummy!


One of our taught skills was to use junk modelling to recreate something. We chose to make stables this week, using recycling, hessian and brown paint. We were so proud of what we could make.


As our maths focus, we were learning to compare lengths. We were comparing animals, children and objects using the vocabulary long, longer, short, shorter and longest and shortest.


Next week, we will learn about a different farm animal each day. In our maths we will be learning to make simple ABAB repeating patterns. E.g. cow, pig, cow, pig, cow, pig.