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Week 2

This week we are really excited to be officially sharing with you our new phonics scheme. The children have been working with it since last year and we have been so impressed with how to scheme is helping the children's proununication, breaking down words to write them and how to write each sound. 


Every day the children take part in a phonics lesson. They practise the sounds they have already learnt and then either learn a new sound or consolidate previous learning.


Let's look at how we learn a new letter. First, we look at the mnemonic - this is a picture that helps us remember how to say and write the letter.

Next, we practise saying the sound - using the pronunciation phrase.

Finally, we look at how to write the sound. This is known as a grapheme. We use the formation phrase to help us.



Since we returned in January we have learnt 6 new letters.

Every day that we learn a new letter we will put in on the classroom window. We will also keep you updated on the letters they have learnt via this blog.


You can access the pronunciation guides and videos via the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds webpage. See link below.


Please ignore the dates such as Autumn 1 and 2 on the website as we are learning the sounds at a different pace. We are currently learning Phase 2 - set 2.

This week for Home Learning we would love you to support your child with their new sounds by practising pronouncing them and writing them too. A copy of the guide will be available in the home learning book too!


We hope you all have a fantastic weekend

See you next week

Mrs Rudkin and the Fantastic RR team